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From entertainment, to auto shops, to restaurants, we want to help you discover all the black-owned businesses that provide the services/products you need, keeping our dollar in OUR communities, and rebuilding a permanent Black Wall St!

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You will be welcomed with open arms and INSTANTLY become family! Not only will your business be in a space of national support, you'll also receive a Network welcome package with a "Black Business Owner" T-shirt, Hoodie, Mug, and Poster, customized with your business' name! We will be conducting Chapter meetings/events to network amongst each other, and continue to grow your businesses/brands together!

Who Are We?

Glad you asked...

We are an organization that created a free to use, black owned and operated business Network that displays every black owned business we discover throughout the United States. Our main objective is to reach out to every black business in the U.S. so they can be openly represented for others to view & support, bringing wealth and positive networking within the black communities in this country. It's also an advantageous way for black businesses to interact with & support each other within the Network (Ex. Black owned catering company buying food/supplies from black owned food wholesalers/grocery stores)