Amour Noir
Clothing Brand

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Amour Noir is a luxury clothing and candle brand with unique style and creative blends. Amour Noir (meaning Black Love) is intended to inspire and promote black love and black excellence through fashion-forward style along with relaxing and stimulating scents. We go against the typical indistinguishable clothing and fashion. Greatly influenced by African, African-American, and Black Lives Matter cultures, Amour Noir, a socially responsible company, produces premium, high-quality products and gives back to the community to educate and empower the youth.

We encourage other brands to be comfortable with the narrative of black excellence and not competition. Forever we stand by our motto, "Protect the culture at all costs."

Amour Noir is a proudly veteran owned and operated! 

Amour Noir

Los Angeles, CA

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Larry Potter (FB)

- "This is an amazing brand.!! The owner and operator is a very strong man very committed dedicated to his craft the clothes are exceptional Maywood great quality of care that is something you definitely should go with"