African & Caribbean 
Coffee Beans

"BLCK BRW....." to be a place where Black culture, Black history, and Black excellence meet over a cup of coffee 

Coffee's origin dates back some 10,000 years ago to Ethiopia and eventually it made its way around the globe. Now there probably isn't a more popular drink in the world. Our coffee features beans from such areas as Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Jamaica, Kenya, and beyond. We specifically source beans from these locations to support people of melanin around the globe.

So we at BLCK BRW want to sip some coffee, and continue to make history!

Blck Brw Coffee

Compton, California

Days & Hours of Operation:

WED: 4pm - 11pm
THUR: 4pm - 12am
FRI - SAT: 4pm - 1am
SUN: 10am - 4pm

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- "Bringing culture to the masses"

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- "Black Coffee

Black Business
For the Culture"