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"Boxing Inspired Group Fitness!"

BOOMBOX is a growing fitness community founded on a love for music, boxing and teamwork. Our mission is to empower others and inspire, while making the health benefits of boxing-inspired training accessible to all.

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Boombox Boxing Club

1221 Van St SE (Suite #140)

Washington, DC

(202) 838-3382

Promos: The BOOMBOX Starter Bundle includes two classes, complimentary hand wraps and glove rental for $39!

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From Private, to Small Groups & even Virtual Training, BOOMBOX is a full blown EXPERIENCE that will stimulate your senses while building confidence and lean muscle. Our 50-minute, music-driven, cardio and resistance workouts combine bouts of shadowboxing, Aqua bag work, and functional training, and will leave you feeling like a CHAMPION!!! Never tried boxing before? No problem. 

Our classes are suitable for beginners and experienced boxers alike. You'll learn techniques to move, punch and defend, while burning a ton of calories and blowing off steam.

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Lynn D.

"If you're new to the world of boxing and trying to get back in the groove of working out.... Boom Box Boxing is a great place to start. I would also recommend Reggie. He's a great instructor and let's you go at your own pace. Can't wait til next Sunday!!"

Stephen S.

"Check out the BOOMBOX Boxing Club! Agents of Change for a healthy lifestyle!!! Cuzzo doing great things.."