Cloudy Donuts

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 "Handmade 100% Vegan Donuts!"

Vegan - Small Batch - Handmade Donuts! 

Cloudy Donut Co.

4311 Harford Rd

Baltimore, MD

Days & Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thurs: CLOSED
Fri - Sun: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    (443) 885-9052

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Jessie T.

"Legitimately the best donuts I've ever had, and my first vegan donuts too! I couldn't believe how creative the flavors were, and there was such great attention to detail even down to the toppings. They don't skimp on the glazes, either! Super cute space and really friendly employees, too. I think the price point is totally justified based on the taste and how much care goes into making these artisinal, plant-based donuts. This is a local business I feel great about supportingandIcan'twaittogoback!"

Marissa T.

"Amazing delicious fresh doughnuts!!! My family and I come every weekend!!! I like it because it's so delicious and I don't feel guilty about what's in them !! My kids love them too!!! And the best part is if you leave them out overnight THEY DONT GET HARD !!!!! They stay soft and fresh."