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"The FIRST & ONLY Black Owned Telecommunication Company!"

Figgers Communications offers wireless internet services in the entire region of the United States & parts abroad. Our mission is the provision of communications line for everyone. Enjoy seamless downloading & entertainment through our wireless internet which is much faster and cheaper than DSL. Our aim is nothing more than expanding the horizons to which you can communicate & get entertained!

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Figgers Wireless

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Stay connected with the family for $120 month period. No extra fees.

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Figgers "F3" 

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Phone Plans

  • Unlimited - $60/month (4G Data Unlimited/Unlimited Talk/Unlimited Worldwide Texting/Unlimited Data)
  • Economical - $40 (3GB Limited 4G Data/Unlimited Worldwide Texting/Unlimited Talk)
  • Family - $120 (4 Lines w/ Unlimited 4G Data/Unlimited Talk/Unlimited Worldwide Texting/Unlimited Data)
  • Globetrotter - $160 (Unlimited 4G Data/Unlimited Worldwide Calling/Unlimited Worldwide Texting/Unlimited Coverage while Traveling to 80+ Countries)

  • Senior Saver - $30/month (Unlimited Talk & Unlimited Worldwide Texting)

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