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DONT GET SUCKERED ON YOUR TRADES....Before you buy or trade in your video games, call us & compare! 

Multivest Video Games

1440 NE 63rd St

Miami, FL

(305) 940-1611

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Jean R.

"I've been buying from my boy since I was 14yrs old...I never stepped foot in a Gamestop just as long...Now as an adult I cop my son's games from here as well...they have the best trade in policies and they wont screw you with the credit like them other guys...I support all local businesses even more so the black owned ones...Yall show my boy some love and shop here....and they ship as well....SUPPORT YOUR BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES....we all we got!"

Gio P.

"Owner Jeff is amazing and customer service is something he never lacks...great selection of classics retros and of course the latest w/ best values on the market...never disappoints and promise you won't be either"

Jordan C.

"Best game store i have ever been to in my life! If you go ask for jeff. Nicest person ever. Normally i just go to gamestop for games until i was looking for the nintendo switch animal crossing special edition. Best buy, gamestop, and even walmart didnt have any of these consoles available. I called multivest games and i was skeptical they would have it. Once i called jeff told me he would order it and get it same day. I went over there and picked it up within a few hours of my first call. Amazing customer service! He has every game and console known to man from nintendo 64 up to ps5! Come here dont waste your time at gamestop!

Ana G.

"Best place for games and supporting a local business! If they don't have something in stock, they will order it. Came here for a PSP game and they have the store well organized. Customer service is excellent!"