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With the belief that everyone should look and feel beautiful, not limiting their selves to one personality, Latasha McRae founded Peeks Cosmetics. To Latasha, "Peeks" meant taking someone to a higher level, making them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Edgy, Classy, Sassy, Beautiful, Professional, Flirty, Gothic are a few looks that can be created with a combination of the products available. 

Peeks Cosmetics offers a line of high quality products from Vitamin E lip glosses to mint-infused liquid lipsticks (lip blasters) to high-fashioned shade nail shiners to long-lasting high pigment eye shadows to vibrant lipsticks and much more. Be bold and confident, try a color or shade you never thought you would.

 What would your personality be? Find the "Mystery in You".

Peeks Cosmetics

3564 Avalon Park Blvd East (Suite #242)

Orlando, FL

(914) 418-5674

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Cally W.

"I love the prices of the products and the quality of the makeup is awesome. Plus it's gluten free, what can beat that!!"

Josephine M.

"Love the web site and the products Excellent quality"