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The Cajun Connoisseur (Kyle C. Kelly) is a product of Chicago South Side's Englewood community. It was here, at the tender age of 4 where his love for cooking was ignited right in his mother's kitchen. Under his mother's tutelage, Kyle learned her famous family recipes as well as creating his own. Given his meticulous nature and quest for precision in the kitchen, Kyle perfected these dishes and was affectionately dubbed as the 'best cook in the Kelly family and in his west Englewood neighborhood'.

We at The Cajun Connoisseur are dedicated to providing top quality Cajun inspired cuisine with stellar customer service. We encourage all of our family, friends and customers (current and new) to drop by for spell and check us out. Allow The Cajun Connoisseur to take you on a journey from the Midwest to the Bayou by tickling your taste buds with a Cajun Kick.

Hope to see ya real soon!

The Cajun Connoisseur

Chicago, IL

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NEWS: The Cajun Connoisseur physical location is bidding farewell to the Bronzeville community on June 9, 2019. We are still offering cajun deliciousness via our food truck, catering services, and our latest venture "Corporate Pop Ups"!


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Aisha OnlyGodcanjudgeme Marshall (FB)

- "I didn't take pictures (greedy) lol but that gumbo tho. Good. Shrimp po-boy good (my son ate it in 3 bites) lol. Lobster po-boy good....a must try if you haven't done so!"

Myisha Shields (FB)

- "Tried Kyle Kelly sandwiches tonight... When I say melt in your mouth... these sandwiches melt in your mouth. The flavor of these sandwiches ain't no joke... I'll be ordering from him again... Thank you for the late night delivery Kyle.... they're the!"